Available while they last- Shrimp Shio Ramen Kits! Order online for takeout/delivery Thursday-Sunday 4pm-8pm at kaiju-amherst.com

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Our hot toddy kits are now available to go with your next pickup/delivery order. Kentucky Straight Bourbon and a cinnamon honey syrup paired with a tea bag of hand-selected spices including cardamom, yuzu peel, and clove. Just combine in your favorite mug with 8-10oz of hot water!

Open 4pm-8pm all weekend- order online at kaiju-amherst.com

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On special this weekend- Monster Katsu Sando! Fried pork cutlet on house-made Shokupan milk bread w/ Kaiju mac n cheese, scallions, sriracha, and sides of potato salad and house pickles.

Also offering Szechuan Brisket Baos with garlic aioli, habanero-togarashi paste, and scallions.

Get them while they last!

Thursday-Sunday 4pm-8pm. Order online at kaiju-amherst.com

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Mechagodzilla supports all things pumpkin spice, including our Miso-Pumpkin Cheesecake with Ginger Crumb Parfait. Order it online for takeout or delivery this weekend, Thursday-Sunday 4pm-8pm. ...

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Pork Belly Bao now available alongside our ramen kits, bento, sake, beer, and cocktails! Available for pickup or delivery 4pm-8pm Thursday-Sunday. Order online at https://kaijuamherst.getbento.com/online-ordering/ ...

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We sold out last weekend, but BBQ-don is back! New hours starting this week areThursday-Sunday 4pm-8pm; order for pickup or delivery online at https://kaijuamherst.getbento.com/online-ordering/kaiju/menu ...

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One of our favorite sakes, now available for takeout- Suigei "Drunken Whale" Tokubetsu Junmai. Try a bottle today!

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On special this week - #Poke Bowls with your choice of Tuna or Salmon, plus Smoked Pickled Shiitake, Carrots, Avocado, Corn, Scallions, Chili Crunch, Spicy Mayo, Citrus Ponzu, and Rice.

Open Wed-Sat 4pm-8pm. Order online:


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We're back at it tonight offering #ramen kits, #bento, #sake, #cocktails, and more - for contactless pickup or delivery.

Order online at https://kaijuamherst.getbento.com/online-ordering/kaiju/menu

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You can think of our BBQ Bento as #bento or as #meatandthree - whatever you call it, you're getting your choice of marinated braised pork, smoked brisket, or BBQ karaage chicken; plus our collard greens, potato salad, and mac & cheese.

Open for pickup and now also offering delivery, Thurs-Sat 4pm-8pm.

Order online at www.kaiju-amherst.com

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Smoked wings on special tonight- open 4pm-8pm for pickup AND now offering delivery through our website.

Order online at www.kaiju-amherst.com

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Karaage #Bento goes perfectly with a can of Sapporo Premium. Available to order for pickup Thursday through Saturday 4-8pm.

Order online at https://kaijuamherst.getbento.com/online-ordering/kaiju/menu

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Our Chilled Vegetable Curry Mazemen is the perfect cool summer noodle dish (with a bit of heat).

Available for takeout Thursday-Saturday 4pm-8pm.

Order online: https://kaijuamherst.getbento.com/online-ordering/kaiju/menu

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Our BBQ-Don combines our love of #BBQ with our love of #gyuudon. Smoked brisket, ajitsuke tamago, chili crunch, habanero togarashi paste, scallions, and rice.

Available for takeout starting tomorrow at 4pm.

Order online: https://kaijuamherst.getbento.com/online-ordering/kaiju/menu

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